Thursday, 7 July 2011

Scumbag Journalists

There has been much written about the unfolding story of the News of The World journalists hacking phones. There has been much written that makes a lot of sense, and lots of it has come from real journalists who are appalled at being tarred with the same brush as the tossers who thought that the depths that they stooped to were acceptable.

I also think that part of the problem is that 'journalism' now encompasses writing rubbish about talent-less 'celebs'. And the arms race to get more and more salacious content has led these journos to push the boundaries to a wholly unacceptable level. Whilst I really couldn't give a monkey's about Katie Price, Cheryl Cole, et al you could argue that they're fair game because they court the media and need to be in the papers to sustain their 'careers'. 

It is when these same tactics are applied to people who have not asked to be scrutinised that the issues occur. Again, some deserve it. I'm all for intruding into the private life of MPs who defrauded the tax payer over their expenses, but not the majority of MPs and other public servants who are doing no wrong and are doing the best that they can.    

The most shocking examples of the NOTW hacking is where it was used against people who are thrust into the public's consciousness simply through a horrible bit of bad luck (the Dowlers, the 7/7 victims, etc.). There can be no public good in prying into the private affairs of any of these people.

Hopefully the British pubic will start to realise what a monster they have created and start to reject the comics (NOTW, The Mail, The Sun, etc, etc) who have got information illegally and who serve no useful purpose.

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